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[Events] 硅谷工程师养生保健讲座 12-14-14
[Events] 硅谷高薪工程师信托基金节税与年底税务规划讲座 12-13-14
[Events] 硅谷高薪工程师年底税务安排与资产规划讲座 11-22-14
[Events] 高薪工程师税务与国税局税务稽查讲座 11-15-14
[Events] 高薪工程师年底省税与房地产税务规划讲座 11-08-14
[News] 热烈庆祝中华人民共和国成立65周年 10-06-14
[News] 热烈庆祝中华人民共和国成立64周年 10-16-13
[News] 上海杨浦3310计划推介及VC座谈会成功举行 04-26-12
[News] SCEA 成功举办了中國半導體聯盟秘書長吳玲講座 02-15-12
[News] Greetings from the City of Milpitas!! 02-07-12
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Founded in 1989, SCEA is a non-profit professional organization with over 6500 members throughout United States, Europe and Asia. SCEA has become one of the largest, most prestigious and influential Chinese professional organization in Silicon Valley as well as the US.  SCEA’s Annual Conference is one of the highlights in Silicon Valley that focuses on high-tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and career development.  SCEA is the bridge between US and China connecting entrepreneurs and investors, talents and employers, innovators and sponsors in high-tech disciplines.
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